Our Services

We provide a “full stack” solution to your web development needs. We provide end-to-end services that encompasses User Experience Design, Development, Hosting and Support.

UX and Web Design

One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is working out what to actually put on their website. How do you separate yourself from the crowd, while at the same time making sure that you’re addressing the needs of your users? User Centered Design (UCD) is the answer!

  • We are specialists in User Centered Design
  • UCD is the process used by giant agencies to determine what content to add to your website from the perspective of the users who actually use it
  • UCD engagements can top six figures, but here at Edmiston[R+D] we have pared the process back to what is most important to small businesses 
  • through our implementation of UCD, we can help small businesses like yours to strip out all the noise and focus on the content that matters the most to your users

Custom Website Development

Our development processes are based on the same best practices that drive the biggest agencies on the planet, scaled down to be affordable for small business.

  • fixed production schedule to ensure on time project delivery
  • continual client involvement through Agile Scrum project management methodology 
  • single source of truth project management software; no more endless email chains! 
  • Continuous Integration systems, based on Git, that ensures the entire development process is carefully managed and controlled
  • code review and development best practices for Quality Assurance

Secure Managed Hosting

We provide a comprehensive hosting service, backed by 24×7 critical support.

  • infrastructure is provided byGoogle Cloud Platform, the largest infrastructure provider
  • nightly backups are performed to ensure your data is safe 
  • 24×7 server monitoring and emergency response 
  • security updates are fully managed to ensure your website stays secure 

Support and Maintenance

Finally, we provide managed support for our clients, including options around managed security updates for WordPress. 

  • formal support help desk, based on ITIL principles, to ensure every ticket is tracked through to completion
  • dedicated support team to ensure timely response to support requests