Pre-Launch Checklist


  • Is your branding consistent?
  • Do you use clear calls to action?
  • Are your images high-quality?
  • Can your cart be accessed easily?
  • Do you grab attention right away?
  • Do you have a favicon?
  • Are your products well displayed?
  • Do you have a retina version of your logo?


  • Do all of your links work?
  • Do forms work?
  • Is your contact info accurate and visible?
  • Does your site load quickly?
  • Can existing customers still access their orders?
  • Have you removed unnecessary data?


  • Are taxes set up correctly?
  • Does your checkout work?
  • Do the correct messages appear for errors?
  • Is your inventory set up?
  • Do coupon codes work?
  • Is your shipping working?
  • Does currency change appropriately?
  • Are products easily findable?
  • Are cross-sells and up-sells working?
  • Do you have a way to follow up with customers?
  • Is your customer dashboard easy to use?
  • Have you read your product descriptions?
  • Are digital products delivered after purchase?
  • Does your search functionality work?
  • Are your extensions working?
  • Do products look good on social media?


  • Do you have compelling meta descriptions?
  • Do all images have alt text?
  • Have you considered accessibility?
  • What is your URL structure?
  • Are all old URLs consistent or redirected?
  • Do you have a sitemap submitted to Google?


  • Do you have a firewall set up?
  • Do you have an SSL certificate?
  • Are you using strong passwords?
  • Are backups set up?
  • Do you have a spam filter?
  • Have you changed the wp-admin default login URL?
  • Is everything updated?


  • Do you have strong terms and conditions?
  • Do you have a privacy policy?
  • Have you considered GDPR?
  • Do you have a return policy?