Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design Methodology (GDD) is an agile way of developing or redesigning and maintaining a website in intentional increments. It is about making continuous, adaptations and improvements to your website based on data as opposed to try to make every element of your site perfect and then leaving it to sit static online for a few years.

Investment in the Growth of Your Business

Growth-Driven Design is an investment that aims to produce month-over-month growth. Your website returns becomes higher as you continue to measure, iterate and act.

Source : Article 1.0 Luke Summerfield, Traditional vs. Growth Driven Design

Growth-driven design give you freedom from this static approach  to introduce an ongoing process of redesigning your website. This process is:


A growth-driven site is developed and continually improved over a perpetual cycle of one or two weeks.


The improvements made in the websites are not just based on the company’s marketing teams, but often on the user data as to how prospects are engaging with your site.


A growth-driven site is in a continual state of optimisation, to give prospects what they’re looking for, and deliver the highest number of visitors, leads and customers.